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The Magnificent AK47 - Unlocking the inner minstrel by lowering the tone

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Lowering the tone with their deep, Georgian-inspired harmonies and serious silliness, those Magnificent Men of Ashton Keynes and their multi-hatted singing machine love taking to the stage to prove they can truly live up to the claim of perhaps being the best all bloke singing troupe ever to escape from the depths of North, North Wiltshire.

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Formed in 2008, they are a bunch of blokes who meet every 6 weeks or so to learn songs, enjoy a beer, a couple of hours of camaraderie and fulfill themselves by unlocking the inner minstrel trapped within their humdrum 21st century daily existence.

Most of them are not what you might call “proper singers”. They learn their material by ear, have recordings to help them practice and when they get together they find they very quickly make a sound that can be quite, er, magnificent!

They sing all sorts of material a capella, with no musical accompaniment just harnessing the power of their individual voices joining in unison to create a sound that has been praised by the toughest critics (“the wife”) as “surprisingly good”!

They sing right across the spectrum from serious Georgian choral pieces to daft Caribbean doggerel and fun stuff, like "Haul Away Joe!" whilst dressed as pirates, all of which they occasionally perform in public to great acclaim.

Well worth hearing and seeing. An experience not to be missed.