long white beards


This is a spoof advertisement for cuff links made from the choir's logo.

A golf cap, just the job for the links.More singing

Chris Samuel - more choirs than you can shake a stick at - Singing with attitude

Mellifluous women with whom we've sung - ChoirJam

And Black Sheep Harmony

Is there no end to the mellifluous women with whom we've sung? These people were great - Sassparella


BlokeFest - a superb annual singing event - BlokeFest

Rumbustious carols you were never taught at school! Banned by the clergy, these vigorous carols migrated to halls, non-conformist chapels and pubs. You can learn and join in with them in revivalist traditions in Stroud and Bradford on Avon: The Prince Albert Carol Consort and Bradford on Avon Carollers.

Jolly good pubs

Our spiritual home - The White Hart

BlokesFest tried and tested - The Bruce Arms

Great gigs and home of the Prince Albert Carol Consort - The Prince Albert

Unusual Christmas carols - The Prince Albert Carol Consort