Welcome to the website of The Magnificent AK47, the men's choir from Wiltshire.

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PLEASE NOTE: In response to an innundation of glowing feedback, which cost us surprisingly little, we have introduced our WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT US page. This comprises a collation of all the more honest, perceptive, literate, decorous and fairly-phrased reports from members of our audiences. The aim is to give prospective audiences an accurate impression of what to expect from one of our concerts.

If you would like to submit a comment for publication, please send it via our CONTACT page. Contributors will be identified by their first name and last initial unless otherwise stipulated.


We are the singing blokes of Ashton Keynes who perform at concerts, clubs, pubs and festivals. Inspired by Georgian harmonies and attracted to the musically irreverent and absurd, we offer serious singing combined with profound insights into modern male angst. Paying audiences have acclaimed us as hilarious entertainment suitable for the whole family. We're also able to sing whilst wearing a variety of hats and accessories.




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