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Why and how?

Several more hats we might wear when singing.Why The Magnificent AK?

Conceived in the handsome Wiltshire village of Ashton Keynes (rhymes with ‘brains’), someone at the initial meeting of the Naming Sub Committee (NSC) suggested we could base our name on the initials of the village. This being three hours into the meeting and the pub about to call time, the NSC repaired to the bar and slept on it.

The following month’s NSC meeting made little progress until one member (who has since been expelled for unrelated reasons) announced that he had worked out the average age of the group to be 46.8 years. Near-violent protest erupted demanding to know how the fellow came by such sensitive data.

Confessing that he came from Gloucestershire, no further explanation was sought and he went home. Later, in an unminuted discussion in the bar, it became evident that his calculations were erroneous. There being no such thing as 0.8 of 12 months and that, in any case, 8 over 12 would cancel down to 0.75. It was decided to round it up to the nearest whole bloke.

‘The Magnificent’ prefix was suggested by a chap who works for a privatised gas company. Having bought two consecutive rounds through befuddlement, he insisted he knew a thing or two about consumer susceptibility and his motion was carried with alacrity.