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peace prize



A welcome and unexpected conclusion to our participation in Cork International Choral Festival in April was being awarded the 2018 PEACE TROPHY (above) which is given to the choir that most embraces the spirit of this excellent Festival.
In the 2016 Derry International Choral Festival, we were given a special award for the choir that contributed most to the spirit of the event.

Proof, if proof were needed, that we can reach those parts of festive events to which other choIrs can only aspire!

We are the singing blokes of Ashton Keynes who perform at concerts, clubs, pubs and festivals. Inspired by Georgian harmonies and attracted to the musically irreverent and absurd, we offer serious singing combined with profound insights into modern male angst. Paying audiences have acclaimed us as hilarious entertainment suitable for the whole family. We're also able to sing whilst wearing a variety of hats and accessories.




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